Imagine your waiter brings you a huge super-sized hamburger. In your hunger, you grab it quickly and take a giant bite out of it. Unfortunately, the bite設計裝潢 you’ve taken is too big. Now you need to swallow this bite down while drinking water and at the same time trying not to choke. So this idiom means the attempt to take on a task that is too much for you to handle.
  —— Allen Mak
  想像一下服務生給你上了一個超大的漢堡。你飢腸轆轆,迅速地拿起它,然後大口咬下去。不幸的是,你咬了太大的一口。現在你不得不喝水(試圖)把這一大口吞下去,並且得小心不噎到自己。Bite off more than you can chew?這個短語的意思是(不自量力地)嘗試攬下太多你無法處理的活兒。製冰機租賃  (原標題:Bite off more than you can chew?)
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